Cheru Ross
President’s Message
Welcome to the 2024-2025 Rotary Year! It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I step into
the role of president of the Rotary Club of St. Croix West, following in the footsteps of our
dedicated and inspiring leader, Ophelia "Nemmy" Jackson. Last year, under Nemmy’s
visionary guidance, we Created Hope and made significant strides in our mission to serve our
community, District 7020, and beyond. Building on this momentum, our theme for this year
is "The Magic of Rotary," a fitting tribute to the incredible potential we have when we work
The magic of Rotary lies in its unique ability to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds,
transforming our shared passion for service into positive change. This year, we will harness
this magic to elevate The Rotary club of St. Croix West to even greater heights. Our
commitment to service, fellowship, and innovation will be the driving force behind our
Strengthening our membership will be a cornerstone of our journey this year. Our club
thrives because of the dedication and enthusiasm of each member. By fostering an inclusive
and welcoming environment, we aim to attract new members and ensure that every Rotarian
feels valued and engaged. Together, we can build a stronger, more diverse club that truly
reflects the spirit of Rotary.
Service above self remains our guiding principle. We will continue to enhance our service
projects, focusing on initiatives that address the critical needs of our community and beyond.
Through strategic partnerships and innovative approaches, we will amplify our impact,
building on the foundation of the Rotary Club of St. Croix West and creating lasting
Promoting the image of Rotary is essential to sharing the magic with the broader community.
We will enhance our public image through compelling storytelling, active social media
engagement, and community events. By showcasing our successes and the values we stand
for, we can inspire others to join us in our mission of service and fellowship.
Fostering leadership and development within our club is crucial. We will provide
opportunities for personal and professional growth, ensuring that each member can reach
their full potential. Through training, mentorship, and leadership opportunities, we will
empower our members to contribute effectively to our club's success and continue the legacy
of hope.
Embracing innovation will be a key driver of our progress. We will adopt new technologies,
explore creative fundraising initiatives, and find novel ways to engage with our community.
By pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, we can enhance our impact and
efficiency, making this year truly magical.
As we embark on this new Rotary year, I invite each of you to embrace the magic within you
and within our collective efforts. Together, we can achieve remarkable things and take our
club to unprecedented heights, continuing the trajectory and creating a future filled with
hope, magic, and infinite possibilities.
Dominique Bazin
District 7020 Governor
Dear Rotarians and Rotarians,

Your District Governor for the term 2024/2025, I am honored to share my remarks with you as
we embrace the pivotal themes of peace and unity under our proud banner, “District 7020: Ten
Countries Together in Solidarity.” This theme not only highlights our collective strength but also
our shared commitment to fostering an environment of cooperation across our diverse

I warmly congratulate the new President and their Committee on their election by the members
of your club for the term 2024-2025, and I thank you for accepting this leadership role.
As the Governor of District 7020, I am enthusiastic about collaborating with all Presidents to
strengthen our clubs to better serve our communities and make a significant impact. I hope you
will encourage your members to engage in large-scale projects that benefit a greater number of

The District 7020 has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to these ideals,
embodying the spirit of Rotary through your dedicated service and impactful initiatives. Your
club’s efforts to build bridges and foster understanding are commendable, and they resonate
deeply with this year’s focus.

As we gather to celebrate the installation of your new board, we also celebrate our commitment
to peace and unity. This ceremony is not merely a formality but a reaffirmation of our collective
mission to create a more harmonious world. It is an opportunity to reflect on our achievements
and to renew our dedication to the principles that unite us as Rotarians and as global citizens.
Let this new Rotary year be a testament to what we can achieve together. May we continue to
serve as beacons of hope and catalysts for change, united in our purpose and in our actions.
Together, let us move forward in solidarity, harnessing the power of our diversity to effect
tangible, lasting change in our communities and beyond.

This year, our theme at Rotary International is "Extraordinary! The magic of Rotary!". RI
President Stéphanie Urchick celebrates this magic, stating that each action of our members
creates this magic and calls on us to recognize and amplify our ability to save lives. She reminds
us that ending polio or achieving world peace will not happen by magic, but through our
concrete actions, donations, and welcoming of new members.
Fortunately, the Rotary Action Plan is here to facilitate our work and make the club experience
irresistible. This is where the magic of Rotary comes to life, and we will need it to bring healing
to a divided world where armed conflicts and population displacement are increasing. We must
be at our best to make a positive impact.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this momentous occasion. I am inspired by your
zeal and motivated by our shared vision. I look forward to the continued success of the Rotary
Club of St. Croix West and am eager to support you as we embark on this journey of service, guided by the
lights of peace and unity.

Yours in Rotary service,

Dominique Bazin  
District Governor 2024/2025  
District 7020
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